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Pope Francis speaks on the importance of missionary work at the ‘House of Mercy’ in Mongolia yesterday (Catholic Mission)

Pope Francis concluded his apostolic journey to Mongolia by blessing the “House of Mercy”, a social centre for people in need that is supported by Catholic Mission in Australia. 

In blessing the house, in Ulaanbaatar, the country’s capital, Pope Francis acknowledged the missionary effort as being more than evangelical, but people-orientated for the greater good as the House of Mercy is a tangible expression of the Church’s care for others. 

“These [charitable work] internally developed into long-term projects are carried out mostly by the various missionary institutes present here and much appreciated by the population and civil authorities. Indeed, government has sought help from Catholic missionaries in confronting the numerous social emergencies,” Pope Francis said in his speech. 

Supported by Catholic Mission, the House of Mercy is a social centre that provides support for women and minors who are victims of domestic violence, a safe place for people suffering from homelessness and a welcoming place for migrants. 

The international charitable effort and the dedication of missionaries on the ground are an enormous source of support for the House of Mercy. 

“Those projects continue to draw upon the dedication of missionaries from many countries who put their knowledge, experience, resources and especially their love at the service of Mongolian society. To them, and to all those who support these many good works, I express my appreciation and offer my heartfelt thanks,” continued Pope Francis. 

Key to the project is the involvement of the local Church as the main leader of the project, supported by missionaries and charitable organisations, a unique collaboration at the heart of the Pontifical Mission Societies (known as Catholic Mission in Australia).

It enables the communities to develop themselves with adequate support, a work process that was highlighted as being an example of community collaboration by Pope Francis.

The House of Mercy is a project pursued by Catholic Mission, which works relentlessly to give a voice and empower communities worldwide by giving them adequate support to succeed in addressing grassroots issues. 


‘House of Mercy’ Pope Francis Highlights Missionary Efforts in Mongolia (Catholic Mission)