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Independent MP Kate Chaney will push to amend federal laws that ban telecommunications services from being used to incite suicide, so that patients can access voluntary euthanasia appointments via telehealth. Source: The Guardian.

Federal legislation prevents anyone seeking information or advice about euthanasia from a health professional over an electronic carriage service, ruling out telehealth consults for assistance.

Doctors and advocates for voluntary euthanasia have long been calling for changes to the law, saying it makes it difficult for patients who live in rural and remote areas, and those whose conditions limit their movement or make travel painful, to attend appointments.

Ms Chaney will introduce a bill in the new year exempting voluntary assisted dying appointments from the federal criminal code – making it easier for those in states with VAD legislation to access it.

The move is being supported by fellow independent MP and former neurologist Monique Ryan.


MP Kate Chaney launches bid to overturn ban on accessing assisted dying appointments via telehealth (By Melissa Davey, The Guardian)