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Film Review

Superhero adventure less than marvellous

The 33rd superhero entry in the Marvel Studios catalogue, has a lot going for it to be a commercial success. However, with news headlines such as “Marvels land with a thud”, practically no one has much good to say about The Marvels. Source: Australian Catholics.

Pope Francis Poverty

Pope says poverty a ‘scandal’ and urges Christians to use gifts for charity

The material, cultural and spiritual poverties that exist in the world are a “scandal” that Christians are called to address by putting their God-given capacity for charity and love into action, Pope Francis said yesterday. Source: CNS.

Mental Health Schools

New research suggests ‘absolute crisis’ in wellbeing of Australian children

Australia’s primary school age children are angrier, lonelier, more anxious and less able to control their emotions than they were five years ago, new research finds, despite the increased societal concern for childhood wellbeing. Source: The Australian.


Government may be forced to release more people from detention

Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil says the federal Government expects it will have to do more to overhaul Australia’s immigration detention system, as it faces the prospect of more people being released from immigration detention. Source: ABC News.


Support for treaty nosedives after Voice referendum

Only a third of voters believe the Commonwealth should pursue a treaty-making process with Indigenous Australians or establish a “truth-telling” commission, with support for the remaining ambitions of the Uluru Statement languishing in the aftermath of the Voice referendum. Source: The Age.

Books Spirituality

Abbot rejects ’emergency’ talk in favour of language of grace

Prominent Benedictine monk Abbot Christopher Jamison was in Sydney recently to explore some of the themes of his new book about grace and language, and how the two play a key role in public and private discourse today. Source: The Good Oil.

Health Religious

Celebration: Sisters of Mercy are 100 years Young

Mercy Health is celebrating 100 years of service of the Sisters of Mercy in the local community of Young, NSW, through a month-long celebration this November.


How good art leads people to the truth of God

What has art to do with culture? Should the Church be concerned with art and beauty when there is so much else to attend to? And why does some modern art seem so ugly? These were some of the questions posed at a recent God and Beer event in Melbourne. Source: Melbourne Catholic.

Climate Vatican

Vatican partners with Volkswagen to deliver all-electric car fleet

The Vatican has announced that it is partnering with the car manufacturer Volkswagen to introduce an all-electric, zero-impact car fleet in the Vatican by 2030 and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, a goal established by Pope Francis in 2020. Source: CNA.