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Aged Care

More cash needed to clear in-home care backlog, providers say

Aged care providers are calling on the Albanese Government to deliver an immediate cash injection of $850 million to pay for undelivered home-care packages. Source: The Australian.

Aged Care Pacific

Catholic sector’s ‘Pacific remedy’ to ease workforce crisis in aged care

The Federal Government should introduce industry-wide visa sponsorships for the aged care sector to help plug a huge workforce shortage, says Catholic Health Australia.

Aged Care

Catholic sector calls for wealthy to pay more for aged care

Wealthier Australians should contribute more for their aged care to make sure providers can remain open and the sector can survive to provide for those who can least afford it, says Catholic Health Australia.

Aged Care

Minister defends delay to aged care pay rises

Aged Care Minister Anika Wells has defended the delay in increasing aged care workers’ pay, saying the Government has to ensure it is being fiscally “responsible” before spending billions of dollars on wage rises. Source: The Australian.

Aged Care

One in 10 aged care homes ranked as substandard

Nearly one in every 10 aged care homes in Australia is substandard, according to the Commonwealth’s new rating system, while only 20 of the nation’s facilities received the maximum five stars. Source: The Age.

Aged Care

Aged care pay rise delay a ‘bitter pill’

Catholic Health Australia says the Commonwealth Government’s decision to postpone desperately-needed wage increases is a bitter bill for aged care workers to swallow.

Aged Care

Voters support funding aged care wage rise

A federal pledge to fund a pay rise for aged care workers has gained 59 per cent support from Australians ahead of the likely $1.8 billion annual cost of the move. Source: The Age.

Aged Care

Hundreds of aged care homes to be shamed in new rating system

Hundreds of nursing homes will receive just one or two stars in a new five-star aged care rating system after falling short of acceptable standards on measures such as staffing levels and food quality. Source: The Australian.

Aged Care

Tasmanian health provider ‘deserves praise, not brickbats’

Catholic Health Australia has defended the record of Tasmania’s largest aged care provider, Southern Cross Care, as it adjusts to a new funding regime and continues to offer care despite the massive financial headwinds facing the sector.