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History United Kingdom

Prayer book of priest who hid King Charles II goes on display

A historic prayer book belonging to the priest who protected King Charles II and helped save his life has gone on public display at one of England’s famous stately homes. Source: National Catholic Register.

History In The Dioceses Interfaith

Queensland Holocaust museum to open in partnership with Brisbane Archdiocese

Queensland’s first Holocaust museum, in the heart of Brisbane’s Catholic cathedral precinct, was officially unveiled on Friday. Source: Brisbane Archdiocese.

History People

Mary Glowrey Circle adds to legacy of pioneering doctor sister

Awareness of the life and legacy of Servant of God Dr Sr Mary Glowrey JMJ continues to grow with the recent launch by Archbishop Peter A Comensoli of the Mary Glowrey Circle. Source: Melbourne Catholic.

Archaeology History

ACU digs deep to bring renowned archaeologist to Australia

World-renowned archaeologist and scholar Yossi Garfinkel will visit Australia this month as the inaugural Australian Catholic University Sir Asher Joel Fellow.

History Vatican

Vatican formally repudiates ‘doctrine of discovery’ used to justify colonisation 

The Vatican yesterday formally repudiated the “doctrine of discovery”, officially declaring that a historic policy used to justify colonial exploitation is “not part of the teaching of the Catholic Church”. Source: NCR Online.

Books History

How Catholic saints and sinners helped shape Australia

The Catholic community in Australia has had its share of sinners and shameful moments, but these don’t detract from its heroes and heroines who helped to shape the country as we know it today, says James Franklin. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

History Vatican

Vatican to return fragments of Parthenon statues to Greece

The Vatican and Greece yesterday finalised a deal for the return of three sculpture fragments from the Parthenon that have been in the Vatican Museums’ collection for two centuries. Source: NCR Online.

History Science

TV station finds 1964 interview with father of Big Bang theory

A Belgian television station has rediscovered a 20-minute video in which Fr Georges Lemaitre, considered the father of the Big Bang theory, explains what the origin of the universe may have been like. Source: CNA.

History Religious Orders

Salesians celebrate 100 years in Australia

The Salesians of Don Bosco are this year marking 100 years of Salesian presence and ministry in Australia with celebrations planned throughout the year.