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History Vatican

Letter shows Pope Pius knew about Nazi death camps 

Newly discovered correspondence suggests that World War II-era Pope Pius XII had detailed information from a trusted German Jesuit that up to 6000 Jews and Poles were being killed each day in German-occupied Poland. Source: Sight Magazine.

History In The Dioceses

New book brings to light Tasmania’s ‘hidden’ treasures

Tasmania is a treasure trove of significant items of Catholic and cultural heritage, according to Hobart Archdiocese’s heritage officer Brian Andrews, with most Tasmanians unaware of the wealth of treasure they possess.


Discovery shines light on Church’s protection of Jews during Nazi persecution

Researchers have discovered new documentation that substantiates reports that Catholic convents and monasteries in Rome sheltered Jews during World War II, providing names of at least 3200 Jews whose identities have been corroborated by the city’s Jewish community. Source: NCR Online. 

History Music

New Norcia Monastery celebrates organ’s 100th anniversary

New Norcia Benedictine Monastery in Western Australia has celebrated the 100th anniversary of the historic pipe organ in the abbey’s church. Source: The eRecord.

History United Kingdom

Sequinned vestments worn centuries ago for illegal Mass go on display

Georgian vestments worn for the illegal opening Mass in the United Kingdom’s oldest convent are to be reunited in the chapel for the first time since 1769 when they go on display at an exhibition next month. Source: The Tablet.

Europe History

Eleventh-century skeletons and remains of church found in Dublin excavation

An excavation in central Dublin has uncovered a burial site with more than 100 medieval skeletons and the remains of an 11th-century church, which archaeologists say sheds light on how late Viking-era Dublin became Christian. Source: The Tablet.

Europe History

Cardinal apologises for role in WWII massacre of soldier who became bishop

Cardinal Reinhard Marx on Sunday asked for forgiveness in the case of a World War II massacre in Italy on the orders of a man who went on to become a bishop in Munich. Source: CNA.

History United Kingdom

Prayer book of priest who hid King Charles II goes on display

A historic prayer book belonging to the priest who protected King Charles II and helped save his life has gone on public display at one of England’s famous stately homes. Source: National Catholic Register.

History In The Dioceses Interfaith

Queensland Holocaust museum to open in partnership with Brisbane Archdiocese

Queensland’s first Holocaust museum, in the heart of Brisbane’s Catholic cathedral precinct, was officially unveiled on Friday. Source: Brisbane Archdiocese.