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Abuse crisis South America

Pope expresses ‘shame and dismay’ over abuse of minors in Bolivia

Pope Francis has sent a letter to the president of Bolivia expressing “feelings of shame and dismay” and a firm promise to work with the government of the South American country to end clerical sexual abuse of minors. Source: CNA.

South America

Peru, Chile bishops call for resolution to border crisis

Bishops from Peru and Chile have called on the authorities of both countries to seek a solution through dialogue to the migration crisis that is currently taking place at the border. Source: CNA.

South America

Church in Brazil bans sacramental wine produced with slave labour

After three of Brazil’s most important wine producers were accused of using slave labour last week, the Brazilian Church released a statement affirming that wines made by manufacturers which violate “the respect to human dignity” must not be chosen as sacramental wines. Source: Crux.

Human Rights South America

Church groups in Brazil fight human trafficking in Amazon

The Church has been trying to raise awareness that Brazil’s Amazon region is seeing a rise in human trafficking but activists say it’s a battle of David against Goliath. Source: Crux.