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South America

Priests protest Argentina government’s funding cuts for city slums

Dozens of priests in Argentina have written a letter to protest President Javier Milei’s administration’s decision to cut funds for public works in the country’s poor neighbourhoods and slums. Source: Crux.

Ecology South America

Bishops link devastating Bolivian wildfires to deforestation

A Latin American bishops conference commission has warned that a record number of wildfires in the Amazonian region of Bolivia are related to legal changes in recent years that have promoted deforestation. Source: Crux.

South America

Candidate who called Pope ‘filthy leftist’ wins Argentina’s presidential election

Javier Milei, who attacked Pope Francis as a “filthy leftist”, has overwhelmingly won Argentina’s presidential election on a radical libertarian platform of dollarising the economy and shrinking the state in a country beset by recurring economic crises and triple-digit inflation. Source: OSV News.

South America

Anti-papal libertarian forces runoff in Argentina’s presidential race

Despite underperforming with respect to pre-election polls, an anti-papal libertarian nevertheless succeeded in forcing a November 19 runoff in the race to become the next president of Pope Francis’ home country of Argentina. Source: Crux.

South America

Church in Brazil launches first national pastoral outreach to slums

The Church in Brazil has coordinated efforts to offer pastoral ministry to the 12 million families living in the country’s slums, known as favelas in Portuguese. Source: NCR Online.

South America

Priests and lay workers to help monitor ceasefire in Colombia

The Colombian bishops conference is training dozens of priests and lay workers on how to help monitor the truce after the nation’s military and the largest remaining rebel group announced a six-month ceasefire. Source: NCR Online.

South America Vocations

Boy who evaded security to embrace Pope now a seminarian

The little boy who managed to get past the crowd control barrier at World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro in 2013 to hug Pope Francis is now a seminarian preparing for the priesthood. Source: CNA.

South America

Nicaraguan bishop back in jail after refusing exile

Nicaraguan Bishop Rolando José Álvarez Lagos has been sent back to prison after negotiations between the Nicaraguan bishops and the government of dictator Daniel Ortega broke down, Nicaraguan news sources reported. Source: CNA.

Abuse crisis South America

Pope expresses ‘shame and dismay’ over abuse of minors in Bolivia

Pope Francis has sent a letter to the president of Bolivia expressing “feelings of shame and dismay” and a firm promise to work with the government of the South American country to end clerical sexual abuse of minors. Source: CNA.