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Pope Francis Russia Ukraine

Pope did not intend to praise Russian imperialism: Vatican

After the leader of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church expressed “great pain and concern” at Pope Francis’ recent video message to young Russian Catholics, the Vatican said that the Pope did not intend to exalt Russian imperialism. Source: CNA.

Russia Vatican

Our churches must serve peace, Russian Orthodox leader tells cardinal

The Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches should join efforts to promote peace before threats of a “major global armed conflict”, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church told Pope Francis’ envoy, who is on a peace mission to Moscow. Source: CNS.

Russia Vatican

Pope’s peace envoy to travel to Russia 

Italian Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, Pope Francis’ personal peace envoy for the Russia-Ukraine war, will head to Moscow today, following a similar visit to Kyiv earlier this month. Source: Crux.


Catholic bishop says Russian instability both ‘hope and danger’ to Ukraine 

While the head of Russia’s Orthodox Church backed President Vladimir Putin’s attempts to put down a military rebellion, a Catholic bishop in Ukraine warned current events presented “both hope and danger” for his own country. Source: OSV News.