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Cost Of Living Politics

Albanese hints at more cost-of-living relief

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has hinted that more assistance could be provided to families before the May budget, signalling a shift in the Government’s position as the political pressure from rising living costs intensifies. Source: Canberra Times.

Cost Of Living

Claims welfare boost unaffordable don’t stack up: Vinnies

The St Vincent de Paul Society says the Albanese Government’s claim that welfare payment increases are unaffordable and would fuel inflation “lacks economic sense” and is a “heartless response to the many Australians living at or below the poverty line”.

Cost Of Living

Government sets priority to battle cost of living crisis

Anthony Albanese says his Government is looking at new ways to tackle Australia’s cost of living crisis in 2024 as households battle the pain of high inflation ahead of Christmas. Source: NCA Newswire.

Budget Cost Of Living

Budget bottom line improves but households remain under pressure

Australia’s Budget is on track for a small deficit but households remain under pressure with slow wage growth and no new cost of living support. Source:

Cost Of Living

Vinnies data shows big jump in number of people seeking assistance

Annual data from the St Vincent de Paul Society has exposed the depth of the cost-of-living crisis, as more and more people seek financial assistance while struggling to make ends meet. Source:

Cost Of Living Youth

Young Australians have increasingly bleak social and economic outlook: Survey

Younger Australians feel particularly punished by cost-of-living pressures, a new survey shows, and have an increasingly bleak social and economic outlook. Source: ABC News.

Cost Of Living Social Cohesion

Social cohesion in Australia ‘under pressure and declining’

The belief that Australia is a “land of opportunity” is dissipating, with the nation’s social cohesion fraying under cost-of-living and housing affordability pressure, a new study finds. Source: The Australian.

Cost Of Living

New study shows more young people under financial stress

Young adults are particularly vulnerable to the physical and mental effects of financial stress, amid cost-of-living pressures, new research has shown. Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

Cost Of Living Poverty

Foodbank report reveals Australia’s growing food insecurity crisis

Some 3.7 million Australian households are going hungry or are on the edge of falling into hunger according to a new report from one of the country’s leading social charities. Source: The Australian.