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Health Minister to address Catholic sector’s annual conference

Federal Health Minister Mark Butler will speak at Catholic Health Australia’s annual conference in Perth in August.


Catholic sector calls for nurses’ accommodation near hospitals

Catholic Health Australia is calling on Labor to re-establish targeted accommodation for nurses close to where they work in a bid to alleviate shortages and help hospitals retain staff. Source: The Australian.


Catholic sector says funds should pay for home health services

Catholic Health Australia is calling for an overhaul of private health insurance to force funds to pay for home health services to reduce pressures on the ­nation’s hospitals. Source: The Australian.

Fundraising Health

Telethon grant will help parents keep an ‘Angel Eye’ on newborns

The St John of God Foundation has been awarded a grant from Western Australia’s Channel 7 Telethon Trust which will be used to help monitor the health and wellbeing of newborns who need specialist care. Source: The Record.


Anti-slavery commissioner to address Catholic Health Australia conference 

The New South Wales anti-slavery commissioner and a modern slavery survivor will address Catholic Health Australia’s annual conference, to be held in Perth in August.

Disability Health Technology

Virtual tour shows challenges of living with intellectual disability 

An Albury study by disability service provider Mercy Connect has used virtual reality to give users a first-hand glimpse of what living with an intellectual disability is like. Source: Catholic Health Australia.

Health United States

Catholic health care institutions in US ‘should not perform gender transitions’

The United States bishops have issued new guidance that Catholic health care institutions must not perform gender transition interventions, whether surgical or chemical, on a person regardless of their age. Source: Crux.


Give nurses and pharmacists a bigger role: Productivity Commission

Governments have created barriers to productivity across the nation’s burgeoning care economy by legislating innovation-stifling staff-to-client ratios and inefficient funding models in health care, the Productivity Commission warns. Source: The Australian.

Health Pope Francis

People in chronic pain need to be acknowledged: Pope

Caring for the sick and suffering includes drawing attention to those who suffer in silence, struggling to find someone who will acknowledge they are in pain and try to help, Pope Francis said. Source: CNS.