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Pope Francis Vatican

Light candles of hope in the midst of darkness: Pope

On the World Day of the Poor, Pope Francis encouraged Christians not to be brought down by the “doom and gloom” of the world, but to witness to the joy of the Gospel through service to those in need. Source: CNA.

Homelessness Pope Francis

Pope blesses ‘begging statue’ that will help Vincentians build homes

A dove in flight lays a blanket over a homeless person in a new sculpture blessed by Pope Francis on Wednesday. Source: Crux.

Europe Pope Francis

Russia confirms Pope helped with prisoner swaps

Russia’s ambassador to the Vatican confirmed Pope Francis helped facilitate recent prisoner exchanges with Ukraine and said the Vatican is ready to act as a mediator between Ukraine and Russia. Source: OSV News.

Pope Francis Ukraine

Ukrainian archbishop tells Pope Russia wants to destroy, not negotiate

Pope Francis has continued to call on Russian and Ukrainian leaders to negotiate an end to the war, but the head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church told him Russia wants only the destruction of Ukraine. Source: Crux.

Pope Francis

Showing love and mercy are keys to entering heaven: Pope

Pope Francis said yesterday that as Christians await their death and the final judgement of God, the Gospel tells them what they must do to be welcomed into heaven: Love others because God is love. Source: CNS.

Pope Francis

Pope admits ‘reality’ of pornography use among priests

Pope Francis says it is a “reality” that some priests, seminarians and religious use pornography, and warned that pornography represents an opportunity for the devil to enter the soul. Source: The Tablet.

Bishops Pope Francis Synod

Synod document ‘genuine voice of People of God’

Australian Synod on Synodality advisor Susan Pascoe has told a meeting of Asian bishops that Pope Francis has been personally involved in the preparation work for the next stage of the Synod process. Source: Vatican News.

Pope Francis

Pope decries Congo attack, renews call for Ukraine peace

Pope Francis yesterday condemned an attack on a Congolese village that led to the deaths of seven people, including a religious sister, and renewed calls for peace in “martyred Ukraine”. Source: NCR Online.

Pope Francis

Where there is too much ‘I’ there is too little God: Pope

In his Sunday Angelus address, Pope Francis warned that “spiritual arrogance” can lead to adoration of one’s ego instead of God. Source: CNA.