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Pope Francis Seniors

Do not cast off the elderly, Pope Francis urges

Pope Francis has urged families around the world to remain close to grandparents and senior family members, imploring people to spend time with older relatives who may be facing “solitude and abandonment”. Source: CNA.

Families Pope Francis

Human life is a gift, not a problem: Pope Francis

Blind, unbridled consumerism and selfishness – not the number of people on the planet having children – are the root causes of the world’s problems, Pope Francis said. Source: CNS.

Pope Francis Ukraine

Ukraine and Russia must release prisoners: Pope

Pope Francis has again appealed for a “general exchange of all prisoners between Russia and Ukraine”. Source: Vatican News.

Pope Francis Prayer

Pope invites faithful to rediscover the great value of praying the Rosary

Pope Francis has entrusted to the Blessed Mother people suffering from wars and conflicts around the world, and invited the faithful to rediscover the great value of praying the Rosary. Source: Vatican News.

Pope Francis Priesthood

Church could not go on without you, Pope tells parish priests

Pope Francis published a letter yesterday addressed to all parish priests in the world with his advice for building a missionary Church in which all the baptised share in the mission of proclaiming the Gospel. Source: CNA.

Catechesis Pope Francis

Greatest enemy of faith is fear: Pope

The greatest enemy of faith is fear, Pope Francis said yesterday at his weekly general audience. Source: OSV News.

Pope Francis Prayer

Every vocation a diamond in the rough that needs to be polished: Pope

Pope Francis has released his prayer intention for May, inviting prayers for the “formation of men and women religious and for seminarians”. Source: Vatican News.

Papal Trip Pope Francis

Like Venice, people are beautiful and fragile at the same time: Pope

Pope Francis went to Venice for a brief, but intense visit with women prisoners, artists, young people and thousands of faithful from this northern Italian region bordering the Adriatic Sea. Source: CNS.

Pope Francis Synod

Pope asks Catholics to prepare for Synod’s ‘prophetic’ stage

The most important outcome of the current Synod of Bishops on Synodality, Pope Francis says, is the synodal process itself and not the hot-button topics discussed. Source: CNS.