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South Asia

Christian man accused of blasphemy dies after Pakistan mob attack

A Christian man attacked in Pakistan on May 25 died in the hospital on Monday, causing a leading bishop to call for stronger protection of religious minorities in the Muslim nation. Source: Crux.

South Asia

Bangladesh archbishop dismisses Christian state plot claims as ‘absurd’

Top Christian organisations have expressed surprise and shock after Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina accused Christians of plotting to carve out a “Christian state” of their own by taking parts of Bangladesh and Myanmar. Source: UCA News.

Religious Freedom South Asia

Pakistan bishop denounces anti-Christian violence as ‘dark day’

An attack on Christians in north-central Pakistan by an enraged Muslim mob, who accused a Christian man of having defaced the Koran, represents a “dark day” for the country’s Christian community, Pakistan’s top Catholic official has said. Source: Crux.

South Asia

Sri Lankan cardinal rejects allegations of political bias

Sri Lankan Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith has denied allegations levelled by the country’s parliamentarians that he was politicising the 2019 Easter Sunday bombings ahead of the polls this year. Source: UCA News.

Justice South Asia

Sri Lankans still waiting for justice five years after bomb attack

Five years on from the Easter Sunday bomb attack in Sri Lanka, victims are still awaiting justice and urging Australian Catholics to pray for them. Source: ACBC Media Blog.

South Asia

New president of Pakistan Catholic Bishops’ Conference to pursue ‘justice and peace’

Vowing to pursue a program of “justice and peace”, the newly elected president of the Pakistan Catholic Bishops’ Conference says that the agenda will include speaking out against the country’s controversial blasphemy laws. Source: Crux.

South Asia

Parliamentary group attempts to end misuse of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws  

A parliamentary committee in Pakistan has sought clarifications on cases under the country’s blasphemy laws in its attempts to end “unjust” detentions and to develop standard procedures to address the suffering of religious minorities. Source: UCA News.

South Asia

Church says Sri Lankan law will stifle freedom of speech

Church and rights groups, including media organisations and political parties, have challenged the legality of the Sri Lankan Government’s online safety bill, saying it curtails freedom of speech. Source: UCA News.

South Asia

Sri Lankan bishops slam president on Easter bombings probe

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Sri Lanka has criticised the country’s president for suggesting there is a rift in Church leadership over an international probe into the 2019 Easter Sunday bombings that claimed 269 lives. Source: UCA News.