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Religious Freedom South Asia

Pakistan bishops call for prayer after Christian homes and churches attacked

Bishops in Pakistan have called for prayer after an angry mob vandalised several Christian homes and churches in the district of Faisalabad on Wednesday following allegations of blasphemy and desecration of the Koran. Source: Crux.

Religious Freedom South Asia

Indian bishop welcomes decision to repeal anti-conversion law

A leading Catholic bishop in India has applauded a state government’s decision to recommend repealing a controversial anti-conversion law, which critics saw as a means of intimidating religious minorities in the largely Hindu nation. Source: Crux.

International South Asia

Sri Lankan cardinal calls for immediate elections to resolve unrest

Sri Lanka’s leading Catholic prelate has called for snap elections so the country can select new leadership amid a protracted economic crisis and what critics see as increasingly harsh crackdowns on anti-government protests. Source: Crux.

Religious Freedom South Asia

Bangladeshi bishop deplores vandalism of Hindu temples

A Catholic bishop in Bangladesh has deplored the vandalism of four Hindu temples, expressing concern over the protection of religious minorities in the Muslim-majority nation that goes to the polls next year. Source: UCA News.