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Advent In The Dioceses

International nativity display strengthens ecumenical bonds

An Inuit nativity from northern Canada, a Slovakian nativity made from corn husks and a nativity in an emu egg were just a few of more than 150 scenes on display at a nativity exhibition in Canberra. Source: Catholic Voice.

Advent Pope Francis

Pray for children of the world this Advent: Pope

The season of Advent is a time for people to be surprised by God’s mercy and compassion, Pope Francis said yesterday. Source: CNA.

Advent Vatican

Creche helps us rediscover true richness of Christmas: Pope

Stopping to gaze at and perhaps pray before a Nativity scene is one of the best ways to remember the real meaning of Christmas, Pope Francis said. Source: CNS.

Advent Reflection

Rediscovering the three ‘comings’ of Christ this Advent

The season of Advent, which began yesterday, is a time of spiritual renewal – a chance to start again and to rediscover the joy of knowing Jesus Christ. Source: Melbourne Catholic.