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Story of orphan ‘tells us nothing is impossible with God’

After losing both her mother and father at the age of six, Irene Kedgley found a home with the Presentation Sisters in Sydney, living on the grounds of Domremy College Five Dock for 18 years. Source: The Catholic Weekly.


Celebrating 125 years of Madonna magazine

Wings for the Soul is a collection of pieces by long-time Madonna editor Fr Chris Gleeson SJ, released to mark the 125th anniversary of the Jesuit publication. Source: Jesuit Communications. 

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How Catholic saints and sinners helped shape Australia

The Catholic community in Australia has had its share of sinners and shameful moments, but these don’t detract from its heroes and heroines who helped to shape the country as we know it today, says James Franklin. Source: The Catholic Weekly.


Letters reveal another side to religious art historian

The friendship between British art historian Sr Wendy Beckett and American publisher Robert Ellsberg is documented in a new book to be launched today. Source: The Catholic Weekly.