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Pope Francis

Pope makes ‘planned’ but unannounced hospital visit for check-up

About two months after a brief hospitalisation, Pope Francis made an unannounced return to Rome’s Gemelli Hospital for what the Vatican described as a medical check-up. Source: Crux.

Environment Pope Francis

Change course now to beat climate change: Pope

A faster change of course away from today’s throwaway culture and toward greater care for the common good is necessary to ensure the planet’s liveability for future generations, Pope Francis said yesterday on World Environment Day. Source: CNS.

India Pope Francis

Pope prays for Indian train crash victims

Pope Francis prayed yesterday for the victims of a train crash in India that killed at least 275 people on Saturday. Source: National Catholic Register.

First Nations Pope Francis

Pope receives Voice to Parliament message

Pope Francis has received a book advocating for a Voice to Parliament from long-time Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander advocate Fr Frank Brennan SJ. Source: The Australian.

Business Pope Francis

Profit-at-all-costs is not a good business model: Pope

Business leaders must fight the temptation to seek financial gain above all else and instead promote a “culture of encounter” that improves their balance sheet and the lives of their employees and communities at the same time, Pope Francis said yesterday. Source: NCR Online.

Human Rights Pope Francis

Pope calls for end to ‘horror of torture’

Pope Francis has called on the international community to work against torture and to guarantee support to victims and their families. Source: NCR Online.

Migrants Pope Francis United States

Pope Francis says US-Mexico border situation a ‘serious problem’

Pope Francis says the migration crisis between Mexico and the United States is a “serious problem” and praised a US bishop for efforts in caring for the migrants. Source: OSV News.

Pope Francis Synodality

Holy Spirit can bring harmony to a polarised Church: Pope

On the Solemnity of Pentecost, Pope Francis urged Catholics to invoke the Holy Spirit daily to bring harmony to a divided world, a polarised Church and to broken hearts. Source: CNA.

Pope Francis Synod

Don’t fear Synod on Synodality: Pope

Ahead of the June release of the working document for the Synod on Synodality, Pope Francis says the “great enemy” of this synodal process is “fear”.  Source: CNS.