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Politics Religious Freedom

Labor to add new protections for religious expression in misinformation bill

A clear exemption for religious expression will be among the changes to Labor’s proposed misinformation laws as the revised legislation is delayed until next year after a chorus of free speech concerns from a range of organisations. Source: The Age.

Religious Freedom Vatican

Religious freedom a path to promoting peace: Archbishop Gallagher

Religious freedom is not merely a human right but is also a path to promoting peace in an increasingly complex world, the Vatican’s Secretary for Relations with States, Archbishop Paul Gallagher, said this week. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

Religious Freedom Western Australia

WA delays laws on religious schools’ employment practices

Laws barring religious schools in Western Australia from discriminating against gay teachers have been delayed and could be shelved in the wake of the Cook Government’s repealed Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act. Source: The West Australian. 

Religious Freedom

Faith leaders push for religious freedom laws in wake of Israel conflict

Faith leaders say spillover from the conflict in the Middle East has made it “blindingly obvious” why Australia needs religious freedom laws, raising concerns over the potential for increased prejudice in the wake of the violence. Source: The Australian.

Human Rights Religious Freedom

Christian schools warn Human Rights Act threatens religious freedoms

Australia’s Christian schools peak body has warned a proposed federal Human Rights Act could threaten religious freedoms, urging the Albanese Government to revisit religious discrimination legislation. Source: The Australian.

Religious Freedom South Asia

ACN to provide emergency relief for victims of anti-Christian riots in Pakistan

Aid to the Church in Need will provide emergency support to the victims of anti-Christian riots that took place in Jaranwala, in the Pakistani district of Punjab.

Central America Religious Freedom

Imprisoned Nicaraguan bishop nominated for EU’s top human rights award

Imprisoned Nicaraguan Bishop Rolando Álvarez has been nominated for the European Parliament’s top human rights award, reflecting the international attention the prelate has received for defending religious freedom. Source: NCR Online.

Digital Life Politics Religious Freedom

Former judge says misinformation laws could tread ‘dangerous path’

Former judge Patrick Parkinson says Labor’s proposed laws to combat online misinformation will send it down a “dangerous path” of censorship, cautioning that religious teachings and claims about gender identity could be captured by the bill. Source: The Australian.

Middle East Religious Freedom

Cardinal Sako seeks Vatican support to regain authority in Iraq

Iraq’s Chaldean Catholic Cardinal Louis Sako said he would like more Vatican support as he tries to regain formal recognition as the Chaldean patriarch in the country. Source: NCR Online.