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Gender Pope Francis

‘Ugly’ gender ideology is the worst danger, Pope says

The gifts of men and women are “fruitful” together, and to erase the difference between men and women “is to erase humanity”, Pope Francis said. Source: OSV News.

Gender Sacraments Vatican

Vatican says trans people can be baptised, witness marriages

The Vatican’s doctrine office has said an adult who identifies as transgender can receive the sacrament of Baptism under the same conditions as any adult, as long as there is no risk of causing scandal or confusion to other Catholics. Source: CNA.

Gender United Kingdom

Scottish bishops warn against gender reform bill

Scotland’s bishops have released a strongly worded statement in opposition to the Government’s plans to make it significantly easier for individuals to change their gender identity. Source: CNA.


Dutch cardinal asks Vatican to issue encyclical on gender theory

Dutch Cardinal Willem Eijk has asked Pope Francis to issue an encyclical about gender theory, which he said “is being pushed in all kinds of organisations and we as a Church have not said much about it”. Source: The Tablet.