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In The Dioceses Natural disasters

One year after devastating floods, Lismore slowly rebuilds 

A year after record floodwaters devastated Lismore, the Northern Rivers town is rebuilding, even though it’s happening at a frustratingly slow pace for many residents. Source: The Catholic Leader.

In The Dioceses Liturgy

New program to focus on ‘God’s most precious gift’ to humanity

The Perth Archdiocese has launched a new program on liturgical formation and renewal with a focus on “God’s most precious gift” to humanity – the Eucharist. Source: The eRecord.

In The Dioceses

Lay leader to head Adelaide pastoral council

Former South Australian Catholic education leader Monica Conway has been appointed as the inaugural chair of Adelaide’s Diocesan Pastoral Council. Source: The Southern Cross.

In The Dioceses Religious Orders

Dominicans make ‘painful decision’ to leave Canberra

After 60 years in Canberra, the Dominican Friars have announced the order will leave the capital at the end of November 2023. Source: Catholic Voice.

In The Dioceses

Good tidings after family tragedy 

Eight months after their parents were killed in a car crash, Bhava and Palvith are smiling again – thanks largely to the support of their aunt, friends, the Indian community and St Bernadette’s School in Adelaide. Source: The Southern Cross.

In The Dioceses

Maronite Eparchy unveils plans for Golden Jubilee celebrations

The Maronite Eparchy of Australia will celebrate its Golden Jubilee next year under the theme, “The Maronites in Australia: A Journey of Holiness and Openness”.

Advent In The Dioceses

International nativity display strengthens ecumenical bonds

An Inuit nativity from northern Canada, a Slovakian nativity made from corn husks and a nativity in an emu egg were just a few of more than 150 scenes on display at a nativity exhibition in Canberra. Source: Catholic Voice.

In The Dioceses

Adelaide parish says ‘So Long, Farewell’ to MSCs

The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart may have departed Adelaide’s Henley Beach parish, but the legacy of their 64-year contribution will live on. Source: The Southern Cross.

In The Dioceses

Special Mass marks reopening of Hobart’s St Mary’s Cathedral

St Mary’s Cathedral in Hobart has been officially reopened after extensive restoration work over the past five months. Source: Hobart Archdiocese.