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Agriculture World

Kenyan bishops express concern after ban on GM crops lifted

As Kenya lifted a ban on the open cultivation of genetically modified crops, some Catholic bishops expressed reservations about the technology, citing ethical concerns about the farming and consumption of the foods. Source: Crux.

Euthanasia World

Uruguay cardinal decries passage of euthanasia bill

A cardinal in Uruguay has criticised the passage of a bill to legalise and regulate euthanasia in the country’s lower house. Source: CNA.

Synod World

Church must address causes of abuse crisis: German Catholics

German Catholics involved in the Synodal Path are convinced the Church must address the “systemic causes” of the clerical sexual abuse scandal and that will require change, according to Charlotte Kreuter-Kirchhof, a member of the German Synodal Assembly. Source: CNS.

Vatican World

Vatican releases program for Pope’s visit to Bahrain

Pope Francis is set to make an Apostolic Visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain in November to encourage the country’s small Catholic flock and to attend the “Bahrain Forum for Dialogue: East and West for Human Coexistence”. Source: Vatican News.

Crisis World

Sri Lankan bishop meets president to discuss crisis

New President Ranil Wickremesinghe has met with the head of the Sri Lankan Catholic Bishops’ Conference, Bishop Harold Anthony Perera, to discuss Catholic religious affairs and the country’s current crisis. Source: Vatican News.

Education World

NZ bishops issue guidelines to support young people

The Catholic bishops of Aotearoa New Zealand have published new guidelines for the country’s 235 Catholic schools to support young people with regard to sexual diversity. Source: NZCBC.

Climate World

Pacific storm brewing as climate and debt crises collide

The Pacific region is facing a perfect storm of climate change-induced disasters and skyrocketing debt burdens, according to a new report. Source: Caritas Oceania.

Migrants World

Church in Vietnam to focus on migrant communities

Catholic priests from all dioceses in Vietnam attending a major national conference have been told to work together and prioritise care for migrant communities at home and abroad. Source: UCAnews.

Pope Francis World

Pope prays for football stampede victims

As Indonesian police come under mounting criticism after at least 125 people died in a soccer stadium stampede on Saturday, Pope Francis prayed for the victims. Source: UCA News.