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Eritrean authorities give no reason for detaining bishop

Eritrean authorities are continuing to detain a Catholic bishop who was arrested at the Asmara International Airport on October 15. Source: CNS.

Euthanasia World

Scottish archbishop says ‘assisted dying’ bill misleading

Efforts to legalise euthanasia in Scotland send the message that lives with suffering “can be considered no longer worth living,” according to the Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh. Source: Crux.

Vatican World

Vatican to return three ancient mummies to Peru

Following his audience with Pope Francis, Peru’s foreign minister signed an agreement with the Vatican to repatriate three Peruvian mummies dating from pre-Hispanic civilisations. Source: Vatican News.


Connecticut priest says $1.5bn verdict ‘a matter of justice’

A United States priest whose parish has ties to several Sandy Hook shooting victims said he hopes the verdict in the defamation case brought against conspiracy theorist Alex Jones brings the families involved “some kind of peace”. Source: Crux.

Ukraine World

Caritas appeals for peace after deadly missile strikes

Caritas Australia’s network partners in Europe are calling for international humanitarian law to be respected and for civilians to be protected following new missile attacks and airstrikes in Ukraine. Source: Caritas Australia


Jerusalem patriarchs warn against British embassy move

Church leaders in Jerusalem have joined the mounting criticism of the British Government’s review of the location of its embassy to Israel. Source: The Tablet.


Archbishop warns against ‘new colonial forces’ in Fiji

Fiji’s archbishop is warning that “new colonial forces” are moving into the Pacific Island nation as it celebrates its 52nd anniversary of independence from Great Britain. Source: Crux.

Pope Francis World

Pope prays for victims of ‘horrific’ Thailand attack

Pope Francis said he was “deeply saddened” after hearing the news of one of the world’s worst mass shootings at a day-care centre in northeast Thailand. Source: Crux.


Bishop urges action to save millions of lives in Tigray

Marking 700 days of war in Ethiopia’s region of Tigray, a local Catholic bishop restated his call to the local and international community to save millions of people. Source: CNS.