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Charity Cost Of Living

Service widens as two new Vinnies Vans hit the road

Every month for years, Verbum Dei Missionary priest Fr Greg Morgan has swapped his chasuble for a hi-vis vest and got behind the wheel of one of Sydney’s Vinnies Vans. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

Charity Human Rights

Caritas Australia launches appeal to support displaced people globally

Caritas Australia has launched its “Displaced People Crisis Appeal” to respond to the growing global need of people who have been forced to leave their homes due to conflict or the climate crisis.


Vinnies calls for reform of taxation system

The St Vincent de Paul Society National Council says Australia’s taxation system “can, and should, be strengthened to improve equality”.

Charity Employment

Workers’ rights are human rights: Vinnies

The St Vincent de Paul Society is marking Social Justice Sunday this weekend with the launch of its new policy statement on secure work for all Australians.

Charity Housing

Vinnies calls for more action to solve housing crisis

The St Vincent de Paul National Council has welcomed the commitments of national cabinet and the Commonwealth this week to address the housing and rental crisis.

Charity Foreign Aid

Caritas welcomes Government’s gender and climate targets for foreign aid

Caritas Australia has welcomed the Albanese Government’s commitment to climate action and gender equality as key drivers of the new International Development Policy released yesterday.

Charity Ecology

Delegation on TRACC to transform rural lives in Timor-Leste

Caritas Australia welcomed a delegation of Church and government representatives from Timor-Leste to Sydney yesterday. 

Africa Charity

Conflict pushing Sudan ‘beyond breaking point’

After months of protracted fighting, violence in Sudan continues to spread across the country, causing millions to flee their homes. Source: Caritas Australia.

Charity Mission

Socktober kicks off with Timor-Leste the goal

As the sports stars of the FIFA Women’s World Cup kick their goals, the launch of Socktober 2023 will have students across Australia kicking their own – and for a good cause. Source: Catholic Mission.