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Synod document calls for a welcoming Church that embraces diversity

Synod of Bishops assembly members will be asked to find ways to build community, encourage the contribution of every baptised person and strengthen the Church’s primary mission of Gospel-sharing, said the working document for the October gathering. Source: CNS.

Pope Francis Synod

Don’t fear Synod on Synodality: Pope

Ahead of the June release of the working document for the Synod on Synodality, Pope Francis says the “great enemy” of this synodal process is “fear”.  Source: CNS.

Synod Women

Women to vote in Synod assembly for first time

The Synod of Bishops will include female voting members for the first time, organisers revealed yesterday in a landmark development for the Church’s Synod process. Source: The Tablet.


Synod organisers say process should lead to greater local control in Church

Organisers of Pope Francis’ consultation with Catholics around the world say there is a growing consensus that the ongoing Synod of Bishops process should result in the Vatican giving more deference to local Church authorities. Source: NCR Online.


‘Experts from five continents’ begin drafting working document

A committee of 22 people, including two Australians, this week kicked off the writing process for the Synod on Synodality’s working document that will be the blueprint for discussions during the meeting of bishops in October. Source: CNA.

Oceania Synod

Oceania bishops publish response to Synod of Bishops document

Oceania bishops say their people’s reflections for the Synod of Bishops for a Synodal Church left them feeling “peace and joy”, but also called them to be prophetic and ready to “model ourselves on the love we proclaim”. Source: FCBCO.

Religious Synod

Religious make ‘powerful’ call against clericalism in Synod summary

Contributions from religious to the Synod on Synodality contained a “powerful and fearless critique” of clericalism and a “clear call” for lay people and religious to be involved in the formation of seminarians. Source: The Tablet.


Oceania bishops finalise response to Synod’s working document

Representatives of the four bishops conferences in Oceania have approved the region’s final response to the working document published last October for the Synod of Bishops for a Synodal Church. Source: FCBCO.


Synod preparatory commission aware of ‘high expectations and anxiety’

Three members of the preparatory commission for the assembly of the Synod of Bishops, including Perth Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB, said they know some Catholics have high expectations for the process while others have intense anxiety. Source: CNS.