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Abuse crisis Opinion

Five years on from royal commission, we must recognise legacy of abuse

Five years on from the final report of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, the lived experiences of “forgotten Australians” must be recognised and acknowledged, writes Ursula Stephens. Source: ACSL.


Homeowners and renters hit hard by rate rises

The big losers from interest rates hikes aren’t just homeowners but also low-income renters who are paying more than half of their earnings just trying to keep a roof over their heads, writes Catholic Social Services Australia chair Francis Sullivan.

First Nations Opinion

Nastiness must stop in our debate over the Voice

The recent public debate about Indigenous recognition in the Constitution has gone pear-shaped, and with a mark of nastiness that is not only unbecoming but also unhelpful, writes Fr Frank Brennan SJ. Source: The Australian.

Opinion Volunteers

Vinnies celebrates its unsung heroes on Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day provides an opportunity to celebrate the contribution of St Vincent de Paul Society members and volunteers to Australian life and society, writes national president Claire Victory.

Opinion Poverty

Why we need a special day to see the poor

World Day of the Poor was marked yesterday. It deserves special attention because, as we all know, the rich get 364 days. There is just one for the poor, writes Michael McGirr. Source: Eureka Street.

Gambling Opinion

Chances are you’re about to ignore gambling warnings

New slogans designed to warn about the risk of gambling fall well short of regulation that might meaningfully curb what has become a social norm, writes Julian Butler SJ. Source: Eureka Street.

Health Opinion Social Justice

Prisoners have right to ‘care, compassion and healing’

Just as Jesus offered redemption to thieves and tax collectors, so must Catholics routinely consider our similarly marginalised prisoner population, writes Catholic Health Australia’s Brigid Meney. Source: Catholic Outlook.

Opinion Refugees

Our chance to reset policy on asylum-seekers and refugees

Australia’s policies in relation to asylum-seekers and refugees in recent years have been unnecessarily mean, but the election of the Albanese Government provides a chance for a reset, writes Fr Frank Brennan SJ. Source: Eureka Street.

Evangelisation Opinion

The good ship Evangelisation must set sail

The increasing focus on evangelisation in the Church is not a late and panicked response to emptying pews, declining affiliation and decreasing social and political influence in Australia, says Daniel Ang. Source: The Catholic Weekly.