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Charity People

Caritas worker discusses ‘forgotten crisis’ with Pope Francis

Lulu Mitshabu, Caritas Australia’s program coordinator for the Democratic Republic of Congo, was among 40 aid workers to meet with Pope Francis during his visit to the African nation last week.


Abdallah’s honour their children at first i4Give Festival

The family of four children who were killed in a nightmare crash in western Sydney three years ago have honoured their children in a new event. Source:


Family’s parish priest says helicopter crash survivor a ‘living miracle’

The young Catholic survivor of a horror helicopter crash that killed his mother on the Gold Coast has woken from his coma and spoken to his father for the first time. Source:

Education People

‘Strongest of Catholic education advocates’ eyes new challenges

Dr Lee-Anne Perry will leave her role as executive director of the Queensland Catholic Education Commission at the end of January. Source: The Catholic Leader.

Education People

School’s out for education chief after almost 50 years

Almost 50 years ago, a young Gerard Mowbray threw on his safari suit and took up his first teaching post at St Mary’s High, Gateshead, New South Wales – an all-girls school led by the Josephite Sisters. Source: MNnews.Today.