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Melbourne priest celebrates 50 years on the air

Melbourne priest, writer, counsellor and radio host Fr Gerard Dowling will officially mark the 50th anniversary of his radio broadcasting career on Sunday. Source: Melbourne Catholic.

Pope Francis Russia Ukraine

Pope did not intend to praise Russian imperialism: Vatican

After the leader of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church expressed “great pain and concern” at Pope Francis’ recent video message to young Russian Catholics, the Vatican said that the Pope did not intend to exalt Russian imperialism. Source: CNA.


Church renews calls for peace in Myanmar

Cardinal Charles Maung Bo has renewed the Church’s call for peace in Myanmar during the installation of a new bishop in the civil war-hit Southeast Asian nation where armed rebels, including Christians, are fighting against the ruling military. Source: UCA News.

Business Pope Francis

Entrepreneurs can contribute to common good through job creation: Pope

Pope Francis told a group of entrepreneurs this week that work’s greatest value comes from human beings, not from machines. Source: National Catholic Register.

Health In The Dioceses

Lismore Diocese to build hospital offering ‘cutting-edge medical services’

Lismore Diocese has today announced plans for a new private hospital in line with its vision to ensure the Northern Rivers and surrounding communities continue to be provided with high-quality health care.

Health Pope Francis

Pope speaks of scourge of drug addiction as report highlights Australian crisis

A drug overdose claims an Australian life every four hours according to a new report, coinciding with a call by Pope Francis to cast off indifference to the crisis of drug addiction. Source: The Catholic Leader.

Cost Of Living Housing

Growing number of Australians in mortgage stress amid rise in home loan defaults

Australians are defaulting on their home loans at growing rates as the number of borrowers at risk of mortgage stress peaks at levels not seen since 2008, when the global financial crisis hit. Source: ABC News.


Legalisation doesn’t end fight against euthanasia

While the battle to prevent the legalisation of euthanasia may have been lost in all Australian states and likely soon in the territories, it does not mean we can abandon trying to give people reasons not to choose to end their lives, writes Margaret Somerville. Source: Catholic Voice.

Canon Law HIgher Education

Canon law studies resume after COVID break 

Australian theological institute BBI-TAITE is again welcoming faculty from Saint Paul University Ottawa to teach units in the licentiate in canon law, after the face-to-face program had been suspended due to COVID-19.