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MacKillop Education’s Caulfield campus opens

MacKillop Education has celebrated the opening of its third Melbourne specialist school campus to support students who are disengaged or at risk of disengaging from school. Source: Melbourne Catholic.

East Asia Mission

Pope’s visit highlights Church’s remarkable journey in Mongolia

As the world’s eyes turn to Mongolia, Pope Francis’ visit emerges as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the country, spotlighting the Church’s remarkable journey in that country. Source: Catholic Mission.


Cardinal contrasts humility of Pope John Paul I with toxic social media

If Blessed Pope John Paul I were alive today, he would stand as a counter-example to a social media-driven culture of “followers” and “likes”, according to the Church official in charge of his sainthood cause. Source: Crux.

Pope Francis United States

Pope Francis blasts US Catholics who oppose Church reform

Pope Francis blasted what he described as groups of “very strong, reactionary” American Catholics, warning against becoming “backwardists” who oppose change in the Church. Source: NCR Online. 

Pope Francis Synod

Pope: Synod important despite lack of public interest

Pope Francis acknowledged on Saturday that the upcoming Synod on Synodality may be “of little interest to the general public” but underlined that the Synod is “truly important” for the Church. Source: CNA.


Labor misinformation law ‘a dangerous proposition for society’

Human rights and civil liberties groups have expressed serious doubts about Labor’s move to quash misinformation, claiming its proposed law threatens free speech and democratic rights. Source: Sydney Morning Herald.


Vinnies calls for reform of taxation system

The St Vincent de Paul Society National Council says Australia’s taxation system “can, and should, be strengthened to improve equality”.

Legal Matters

Church loses bid to restrict family’s lawsuit

The Catholic Church has lost a bid to restrict the family members of victims of child abuse by clergy from bringing civil cases against the institution. Source: The Age.

Aged Care Homelessness

Catholic organisations unite to support older men at risk of homelessness

Two Melbourne Catholic organisations plan to merge in order to increase their reach to support older men at risk of homelessness. Source: VMCH.