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HIgher Education Social Services

Low-income and disadvantaged hardest hit by ballooning HECS debts 

Catholic Social Services Australia says the Albanese Government’s review of policy, funding and governance issues within the tertiary sector must look at student loans and repayment mechanisms, particularly for low-paid and disadvantaged former students.

Social Services Tasmania

Program brings prisoners and their families together

A CatholicCare Tasmania program is helping prisoners strengthen their relationships with their children and build positive connections with their families and communities. Source: Hobart Archdiocese.

Anniversary Poverty Social Services

Minister salutes Centacare and raises ‘one of the biggest issues’

The urgent need to tackle generational poverty and disadvantage was highlighted by South Australian Human Services Minister Nat Cook at Centacare Catholic Family Service’s 80th anniversary. Source: The Southern Cross.

Housing New South Wales Social Services

Labor commits to protecting tenants as NSW rents skyrocket

Catholic Social Services Australia has welcomed plans by the New South Wales Labor to allow almost one million renters in the state to transfer their bonds from one property to the next in a major cost-of-living initiative.

Family Violence Social Services

Catholic organisations welcome plan to end domestic violence

Catholic organisations have welcomed the National Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children 2022-2032, released by the Albanese Government this week.

Social Services

Call to increase welfare payments before tax cuts

Catholic Social Services Australia has called on the Albanese Government to increase JobSeeker and other payments before planned tax cuts, estimated to cost $243 billion, take effect in 2024. Source: CSSA