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Education Employment

Catholic Schools Broken Bay and staff finalise new enterprise agreement

Catholic Schools Broken Bay has finalised a new enterprise agreement with the Independent Education Union covering staff at 44 diocesan schools.

Education Leadership

Marist educators reflect on ‘Leadership in a Synodal Church’

Assistant principals from Marist Schools Australia gathered in Mittagong, New South Wales, last week for their annual conference, reflecting on “Leadership in a Synodal Church”.

Education Victoria

Moderate fee Catholic schools face big hit from payroll tax

Catholic Education Commission of Victoria executive director Jim Miles said the Victorian Government payroll tax on non-government schools will rip up to $1 million from the operating budgets of moderate fee schools.

Education First Nations

Brisbane Catholic schools to teach First Nations languages

Brisbane Catholic Education has announced a First Nations language curriculum aimed at empowering its 77,000 students to engage authentically and sensitively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and communities. Source: The Catholic Leader.


Former student’s return to Edmund Rice marks beginning of a new EREA

Edmund Rice Education Australia has appointed Liam Smith as its national executive director, bolstering the organisation’s ability to deliver best practice Catholic education to its more than 40,000 students across the country.

Education Spirituality

Offering spiritual direction to teachers could transform Catholic schools

Catholic schools have become a more diverse workforce, prompting many learning communities to introduce meaningful formation opportunities that enable all teachers to participate in enhancing the mission of the Catholic school. Source: The Catholic Leader.

Education Victoria

Removing tax exemption likely to put pressure on Catholic school fees

Plans by the Victorian Government to remove the payroll tax exemption on some non-government schools have serious cost-of-living implications, National Catholic Education Commission executive director Jacinta Collins said yesterday.

Education Victoria

Education head says new tax will hit more than 25 Catholic schools

Private schools in Victoria will be stripped of their long-held exemption to payroll tax next year, netting the state more than $420 million in revenue over three years. Source: The Age.


Outstanding educators in a class of their own

Nine leading South Australian educators, including one who helps students raise chickens called Hennifer Lopez and Eggie Betts, were recognised at the annual Catholic Education Awards ceremony. Source: The Southern Cross.