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HIgher Education

New research says university students can learn empathy in their degrees

University students who complete community placements as part of their degrees develop a greater sense of empathy than those who just learn theory, new research has found. Source: ACU.

Liturgy Vatican

Supporters of Latin Mass mount billboard campaign

A group of Traditional Latin Mass supporters in Italy has sponsored a billboard campaign in a neighbourhood near the Vatican. Source: CNA.

Religious Freedom

Freedom of religion ‘a precious asset that must be protected’

Few human rights are as fundamental as the right to practise one’s faith yet it’s one people have to work hard to defend, according to federal MP Andrew Wallace. Source: Catholic Voice.

New South Wales

Faith groups hopeful new Labor Government will keep promises

Faith groups have welcomed the election of the new Labor Government in New South Wales, expressing hope that new Premier Chris Minns will listen to and respect people of faith and fulfil pre-election commitments. Source: The Catholic Weekly. 

Housing Politics

Housing fund fails to secure crossbench support

A Labor election promise aimed at addressing Australia’s housing crisis has suffered a major setback after the Albanese Government failed to secure crossbench support for the legislation. Source: Sydney Morning Herald.


Vigil held for Sri Lankan asylum-seeker facing imminent deportation

Brisbane parishioners last night held a last-minute prayer vigil in support of a Sri Lankan asylum-seeker who faces deportation as early as tomorrow, despite his wife and child having the right to remain in Australia under recent changes to immigration policy. Source: The Catholic Leader.

Mental Health

Mental health support not accessible as cost of living bites 

Mental health support is not affordable or accessible at a time when Australians’ mental wellbeing is deteriorating under the weight of cost-of-living pressures, leading experts to warn the Albanese Government must act in the next Budget to save lives. Source: The Age.

First Nations Human Rights

Australia’s human rights record ‘embarrassing’

Australia’s human rights record has been criticised in a new report, which says while progress has been made, the country is failing to adequately support refugees, children and First Nations people. Source: SBS News.


Top Synod cardinal says Church could revisit ban on ordaining women

A newly named top adviser to Pope Francis and leading organiser of the Vatican’s Synod process says it might one day be possible to revisit Pope John Paul II’s prohibition on the ordination of women to the priesthood. Source: NCR Online.