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Canon Law Global Church

Pope Francis extends time to appeal dismissal from consecrated life

Pope Francis has amended canon law to give members of institutes of consecrated life more time to appeal a dismissal. Source: CNA.

Holy Land

Christian leaders lament rise in Holy Land violence ahead of Easter

With tensions in Israel increasing as the Easter holiday approaches, Christian leaders in the country have lamented an uptick in violence and made an appeal to national leaders to collaborate and put an end to discrimination. Source: Crux.

Lent Pope Francis

Pope released from hospital, presides at Palm Sunday Mass

The unborn, migrants, the elderly and the disabled are “living icons” of Jesus that call Christians to draw close to those who feel abandoned just as Christ did on the cross, Pope Francis said on Palm Sunday. Source: CNS.


Senior educator to head Melbourne’s Catholic schools

Edward Simons, an educator in the Catholic sector for more than 20 years, has been appointed as the new executive director at Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools. Source: Archdiocese of Melbourne.


Palm Sunday rallies demand permanent visas for refugees

Hundreds of activists gathered at Palm Sunday rallies around the country yesterday to demand the Commonwealth give permanent visas for refugees stuck in limbo. Source: SBS/AAP.

Cost Of Living

Cost of living pushes working families to access food relief

The surging cost of living is not only driving record demand for food relief, it has led to a significant shift in the demographics of those seeking help. Source: The Australian.


Cemeteries chief awarded papal knighthood for ‘inspirational’ service

Recently retired chief executive officer of Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria, Peter O’Meara, has been honoured with a papal knighthood recognising more than a decade of tireless advocacy, defending the Church’s mission in ensuring everyone has a dignified faith-based funeral, burial and grief support. Source: Catholic Weekly.

Fundraising Health

Telethon grant will help parents keep an ‘Angel Eye’ on newborns

The St John of God Foundation has been awarded a grant from Western Australia’s Channel 7 Telethon Trust which will be used to help monitor the health and wellbeing of newborns who need specialist care. Source: The Record.

Religious Synod

Religious make ‘powerful’ call against clericalism in Synod summary

Contributions from religious to the Synod on Synodality contained a “powerful and fearless critique” of clericalism and a “clear call” for lay people and religious to be involved in the formation of seminarians. Source: The Tablet.