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Disability Pope Francis

Churches need more than wheelchair ramps to be inclusive: Pope

Making churches accessible and services understandable is important but having wheelchair ramps and sign-language interpreters is not enough for a parish to call itself “inclusive”, Pope Francis said at the weekend. Source: CNS.

Pope Francis Prayer

Daily examination of conscience helps to avoid repeating mistakes: Pope

Pope Francis has recommended a daily examination of conscience as an “indispensable” practice in spiritual life. Source: CNA.

Pope Francis

Pope discusses Church division, women, abortion

In a new interview, Pope Francis decried Church polarisation, ruled out women priests and emphasised the importance of the ministry of individual bishops over the role of a bishops conference. Source: CNS.

Peace Pope Francis Ukraine

Pope tells Ukrainians: ‘Your pain is my pain’

Nine months after the eruption of war in Ukraine, Pope Francis sent a letter on Friday to the Ukrainian people praying for peace and saying he shares in their suffering. Source: Crux.

Catechesis Pope Francis

Pope invokes saints to explain spiritual consolation 

Pope Francis used the example of several Catholic saints to explain the concept of spiritual consolation during his weekly audience yesterday. Source: CNA.

Interfaith Pope Francis

Pope, Vatican officials meet with World Jewish Congress

Christians and Jews are called to give witness to their faith by “working to make the world more fraternal, combating forms of inequality and promoting greater justice”, Pope Francis told members of the World Jewish Congress. Source: NCR Online.

Pope Francis

Pope visits his father’s hometown in Italy

Pope Francis made a rare personal getaway on Saturday, returning to his father’s birthplace in northern Italy to celebrate the 90th birthday of a second cousin who long ago knew him as simply “Giorgio”. Source: Crux.

Pope Francis Ukraine

‘Hurry up, Lord’ and bring peace to Ukraine, Pope prays

The day after a missile landed in Poland near Ukraine’s border, sparking fears that NATO countries could be drawn into the war, Pope Francis made another appeal for peace. Source: NCR Online.

Pope Francis Vatican

Light candles of hope in the midst of darkness: Pope

On the World Day of the Poor, Pope Francis encouraged Christians not to be brought down by the “doom and gloom” of the world, but to witness to the joy of the Gospel through service to those in need. Source: CNA.