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Legal Matters Medical

Calls for legal protections for aborted babies born alive

Catholic bioethics and legal experts have told a Senate committee that children born alive after an abortion should be granted legal protections. Source: Catholic Weekly.

Aged Care

Government’s ‘duty’ to consider levy to help fund aged care

Aged Care Minister Anika Wells says the federal government has a “genuine duty to deliberate” a levy on taxpayers to help fund a better aged care system. Source: AFR.


Sr Therese using her kitchen table to promote Yes vote

Sister of Mercy Therese Masterson is one of the Australians hosting kitchen-table conversations of no more than 10 people in the hope that informed citizens will vote Yes in the Voice referendum. Source: The Guardian.

Pope Francis

Pope praying and working in hospital as he recovers

The Vatican said yesterday that Pope Francis is working from the hospital as he recovers from hernia surgery. Source: CNA


Hugo builds muscle Mass in Alice Springs

Donning speed-dealer sunnies and a T-shirt depicting a muscled Jesus, Hugo Byrnes is a larger-than-life character in his Alice Springs community. Source: ABC News.

Peace Vatican

Pope, political leaders and Nobel laureates call for peace and solidarity

Pope Francis has called on all warring peoples to recognise fraternity as a “light that stops the night of conflicts”. Source: CNS.


Architect of euthanasia law urges ACT to expand access

The architect of the world’s first right-to-die law, former Northern Territory chief minister Marshall Perron, is urging the ACT to allow under-18s and non-terminal ­patients access to voluntary assisted dying when it legislates the measure. Source: The Australian.

Church Life

Report reveals makeup of Australian Catholic population

A new National Centre for Pastoral Research report published today provides a comprehensive snapshot of the millions of people who identified as Catholic in the 2021 Australia Census. Source: ACBC Media Blog.


Catholic sector calls for nurses’ accommodation near hospitals

Catholic Health Australia is calling on Labor to re-establish targeted accommodation for nurses close to where they work in a bid to alleviate shortages and help hospitals retain staff. Source: The Australian.