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Speed dating, Catholic-style, a new way to get together

Recent studies show that online dating is one of the most popular ways couples meet each other, but some single Catholics are growing disillusioned with the digital world and searching for — or creating — other options. Source: OSV News.

Religious Freedom

Employers discriminate against Catholics in the workplace, says UK study

Discrimination against Catholics in the United Kingdom is rife in the workplace and especially in the public sector, a new study has found. Source: The Catholic Herald.


Modi’s Easter church visit raises hope for harassed Christians

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the Sacred Heart Cathedral in New Delhi on Easter Sunday evening, which Christian leaders say opens an opportunity for dialogue with the government aiming to put an end to harassment Christians face in the country. Source: UCA News.


Christ is truly risen, giving humanity a sure footing in hope: Pope

Pope Francis has delivered his Easter message and blessing “To the City and the World”, encouraging Christians to rediscover the joy of serving God, working for peace, and helping others in a suffering world. Source: Vatican News.


Big crowds at Easter services celebrate ‘faith, hope and renewal’

As churches across the nation recorded the return of big Easter crowds, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said Easter Sunday was a celebration of faith, hope and renewal. Source: West Australian/ABC News.

Aged Care

Catholic aged care providers pledge to pass on funding to workers

Catholic Health Australia’s aged care providers are committing to fully pass on the Commonwealth’s funding for pay rises to their staff.

Education Religious Freedom

Education sector will continue to fight for religious freedom

National Catholic Education executive director Jacinta Collins says Catholic education will continue to make the voices of people of faith heard and respected across the nation in the fight for religious freedom. Source: NCEC.


Charity you choose depends on your birthday

Four in five Australians generously give to charity but the cause they are most likely to support depends on the donor’s birth year – with no two generations the same, research shows. Source: The Advertiser.

Easter Opinion

How Christianity can grow again in the West

This Easter it’s hard not to be a bit pessimistic – war in Ukraine, talk of war in Asia, endless other troubles. Christianity in the West is approaching two crisis points, writes Greg Sheridan. Source: The Australian.